Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Moscow

Tel.   : + (7 499) 147 64 88
Fax   : + (7 499) 147 64 89
Email   :
Website   : http://www.rf-bih.ru,

Please Note:

Visits to the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Moscow are strictly by appointment. For specific services, visitors must visit the designated section at the embassy and book an appointment accordingly on the email addresses mentioned above. For instance, if you want to apply for consular services, you should visit the Consular Section. To book an appointment, you can directly mail the high commission or consular email section .

Consular Services:

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Moscow offers a wide range of consular services, including the processing of visas and passports and document legalization. To apply for a new passport, renew your old passport, want to change the particulars on your current passport, or need to report about a lost or damaged passport, book an appointment with the high commission's passport service

These consulate services are listed below:

  • Process passport applications
  • Process visa applications
  • Legalization of documents
  • Issuing emergency travel documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth Certificate
  • Application forms
  • Authentication of documents

Visa types granted by Bosnia and Herzegovina are;

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Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia Relations-

The Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia enjoy cordial bilateral relations. The high commission's diplomatic mission's mandate is to forge stronger and closer ties between the two countries. Pursuing bilateral and multilateral cooperation in diverse sectors, including culture, defense, tourism, trade and investments, science and technology, security, and other fields while safeguarding mutual benefits, is vital for their relations. The countries are cooperating to resolve global issues like climate change, piracy, terrorism, cybersecurity, etc. The Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most important source market for tourism in Russia.
*Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Moscow could have adjusted its office hours or services. Please do confirm personally.

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